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"It looks more contemporary natural texture by it detailing. Its express gar local architecture If we compare with plaster work by default its more good working and also dress maintenance. Due to the same facade remain the whole

Ar. Sayed Shafiqur Rahman

Effect Architects and Planners



Arabian Gulf Associates Company limited is a trusted name in the arena of Bangladesh manpower business which was established in the year 1986 under the experienced hands of Alhaj halim Uddin ahmed who was the founder of the company. since 1986 messes Arabian gulf associates company limited ushers new era in the field of manpower business in Bangladesh. The splendid management, efficient selection of skilled workers and excellent arrangement in the arena of manpower business have earned long standing name and fame not only in Bangladesh but also for the foreign countries of the world.

As a manpower recruiting agent for the last 24 years I would undertake and guarantee high productivity workers and I maintain high hopes aspiration that our company would give a workforce to the to the establishments when and wherever our selected workers employed with confidence, sincerity, simplicity punctuality and faithfulness to their employer. With these humble solicitations I would remain hopeful that our valued foreign employers will keep full confidence upon us to that our valued foreign employers will keep full confidence upon us to render our sincere service at all times. May Allah bless our Arabian gulf associates company limited in the fulfillment of our future prosperity. With best regards.

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  • Reliable, high quality, satisfactory, yet low cost aviation services.
  • Professionalism and long term experience.
  • Flexibility, no contract is needed to work with ASAP, try us once or stay.
  • Credit for handling, airport charges and permits etc.
  • Around the clock quotations, short notice permits, handling arrangements.
  • Free catering arrangement.
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    Admixture, Surface treatments, Grouts & anchors ,Industrial Floorings ,Repairing Materials, Protective coatings, Joint sealants, Waterproofing , Adhesives, etc



    Waterproofing, Industrial Flooring, Floor hardening, PU flooring, Epoxy Flooring, Heat-insulating, Water reducing, Improving Work-ability, Pumping, Strengthening concrete,



    Construction chemical related Consultation, Design and application.


    Plastol Ultra-920 (Plasticizer)

    The Plastol Ultra-920 is a PCE-based high-quality water-repellent super prosthetic admixture. It is specially formulated for concrete,


    Surfhard (Curing Compound)

    Suffard is a white candle-like coating. It is usually used for curing concrete instead of water.


    Block-In Care

    Block-In Care is a high quality water reducing super plasticizing admixture. It can accelerate at high



    Tamoseal is a cement based polymer modified 2 part component. When these two parts are combined and applied to the


    S.B.R. Latex-M (Bonding Agent)

    SBR Latex-M is a Styrene Butadiene Rubber based white liquid polymer which is used as a waterproofing, repairing and bonding


    Leak-Stop (Stopper in Direct Water in Concrete)

    Leak-stop is a powder for closing the leakage of small and medium type of concrete.It is used to stop the leakage of concrete.


    Aqua Dam (Shutter Oil)

    Aqua Dam is specially treated high quality shutter release oil. It is specially prepared so that there are no stains on the concrete and keep


    Fast Power (Anchor Epoxy)

    Fast Power is a 100% solid moisture insensitive strong pure epoxy with two components which is widely used in the concrete for river bolt, anchoring


    D-Con Super Ultra (Water Reducing Admixture)

    D-Con Super Ultra is a high quality water reducing admixture that accelerates the concrete in easy speed and hardens it quickly.


    Diamond Ultra (Micro Concrete)

    Diamond Ultra is a high-strength flow, non-compressible one portion polymer modified cement. It contains rust resistant chemicals..


    Diamond 777 (NS Grout)

    Diamond-777 has been created to use in very important places. It is based on natural ingredients and the combination of special cement based


    Tammsbar-209 (Rebar Touch-Up Epoxy Coating)

    This is a characteristic temperature tolerant liquid epoxy. It protects any metallic material from rust.